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businessInvestor Relations

Kurdistan is a rich region with huge reserves of oil and the must appreciated commodity in the Middle East, water. Kurdistan government has in the past few years initiated a scheme to support financing and developing agriculture including animal production and the industries around it. Not having any kind of industries in Kurdistan makes it a consumer’s society with wide open doors for any kind of companies from all over the world to have steady and secure investment, but still have to work on marketing plan as in everywhere. With a little bit of training, Kurdish staff can become perfect staff in any industry since they already high educated engineers, doctors, chemists, etc.

Turkey and South Korea has already discovered the Kurdish market and investing heavily in the region. France and Norway are discovering Kurdistan and starting to invest in oil.

It is strange that of all multinational companies a Turkish company won the bid on building Duhok airport which will be ready by 2015. Have multinational companies not discovered Kurdistan market!

What investment opportunities there are in Kurdistan for the time being:
Oil industry
Road surface
Animal production
Food processing industry

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